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The Importance of Reviewing Condo Documents Before Purchase

Purchasing a condominium is exciting! It can be tempting to rush to settlement and start planning to be in your new home. Condo buyers, however, should not gloss over the review of the condo doc package they are provided prior to closing.

Why Reviewing Condo Documents Matters

  1. Understanding Community Rules and Lifestyle

  • Rules and Regulations: These detail what is and isn’t allowed within the community. Whether it’s pet policies, noise restrictions, or guidelines for using shared amenities, knowing these rules beforehand can prevent future conflicts.

  • Bylaws: These outline the governance structure of the condo association, including how decisions are made and the roles of the board members.

  1. Assessing Financial Health

  • Financial Statements: These provide a snapshot of the association’s financial status. Reviewing them can reveal the association’s income, expenses, and overall financial stability.

  • Reserve Study: This document assesses the long-term capital needs of the condo, indicating how well-prepared the association is for major repairs and replacements. Adequate reserves mean fewer special assessments and financial surprises for owners.

  1. Identifying Potential Red Flags

  • Meeting Minutes: These records of board meetings can highlight ongoing issues within the community, such as pending lawsuits, major repairs, or disputes among residents.

  • Special Assessments: Understanding past and upcoming special assessments can indicate the association’s financial management practices and potential future costs for owners.

  1. Ensuring Proper Insurance Coverage

  • Reviewing the association’s insurance policies helps ensure there is adequate coverage for the building and common areas. It also clarifies what types of coverage you need to obtain individually.

The Role of an Attorney in Reviewing Condo Documents

While some buyers might feel equipped to review these documents on their own, enlisting the help of an experienced real estate attorney can provide significant advantages:

  • Expert Analysis: An attorney can interpret complex legal language and identify provisions that may be problematic or unusual.

  • Spotting Red Flags: With a trained eye, an attorney can detect potential issues that might not be apparent to a layperson, such as vague financial reporting or overly restrictive rules.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that a professional has reviewed the documents can give you confidence in your purchase decision, reducing the risk of unforeseen complications.


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