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Why Do Some Condo Bylaws Require White Window Treatments?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

A close up of a condo building with crisp white roller shades

Buying a condo is a major investment, and reviewing the condo docs prior to closing is of utmost importance. One thing that might catch your attention in your review is that some condo and coop bylaws have a requirement that window treatments be white or off-white when viewed from the outside. This may seem like a strange requirement, but there is a reason!

Reduced Heat Absorption

Light-colored window treatments help to reflect heat away from the windows by up to 50%. This means that during summer months, the heat from the sun is reflected back outside rather than being absorbed into the building. By using lighter colored window treatments, air conditioning demand is reduced and the whole building tends to be more comfortable.

A Clean and Unified Look

One of the aesthetic advantages of using light-colored window treatments in multiple units is that it gives the entire building a clean and unified look. White is a neutral color and blends well with many different styles and color schemes, which makes it ideal for condo developments. It helps to make sure the building appears uniform from the outside.

Boost Property Value

White or light window treatments are generally viewed as clean, crisp, and modern, making them a promising aspect for many condo or coop buyers. Using window treatments that are colored or too flashy can (sometimes) lower property values in an association.


In my experience, a requirement for white or off white window treatments is one of the less-enforced bylaw requirements. However, they serve a good purpose, and many custom and off-the-rack window treatments have the option to be white on the outside and the color of your choice on the inside - so there's little reason not to comply!


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